Why We Clown Around – We’re not just the guys in the funny hats!

Like peas and carrots, the Circus and Shriners are a natural combination! The Shrine Circus is 109 years old in 2015, with the first ever Shrine circus held in 1906 by the Moslem Shrine Center in Detroit. It was a huge success and soon other Shrine Centers followed suit. Today, over 140 Shrine Centers across the United States, Mexico, and Canada hold Shrine Circuses.

Did You Know? The first Beja Shrine Circus was held at the Brown County Veterans memorial Arena in 1989. They had seven performances (including the Human Cannon Ball!!), drawing almost 30,000 wonder-filled attendees. Beja has continued to hold yearly circuses since then.

Laughter really is the best medicine! Many Shriners are also local clowns, performing in parades, local hospitals, and senior centers, spreading fun, healing, and laughter throughout their communities.

Did You Know? Most of the clowns in the Shrine Circus are Shrine clowns from your local Shrine Center. So not just clowns, but neighbors, too!

The Beja Shrine Circus – Bringing the joy and wonder of the circus to new generations of the young and the young at heart.