Beja Shriners

The Beja Shriners are once again happy to present the Beja Shrine Circus for 2017.

Not only is the circus a great event to bring families together, it’s also a way for the Beja Shriners to give back to Green Bay by helping to provide safe, family friendly entertainment for all.

While many people know the Shriners from their involvement with the circus, their community involvement does not stop there.

They are also a welcome home town face (although often a clown face) with participation in many local parades and civic events, bringing entertainment and joy through their clown program to nursing homes, church events, hospitals, Special Olympics events, and Boys and Girls Clubs.

These are just some of the ways that the Green Bay Beja Shriners strive to uphold their fraternal values of fun, fellowship, love and relief, especially among children. For many, payment in laughter is the highest form of praise.

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